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Film shooting in Stockholm is easy!

Stockholm is a film-friendly city and for most smaller shoots you don't need a permit.

  • Permits are usually acquired when the shooting involves traffic control, using rails and lights.
  • You can shoot in all outdoor public places and only when shooting in a private property a written consent of the proprietor is needed.
  • It's always polite and respectful to ask and inform people who are being filmed in a public space.


Here are some guidelines for when a permit is needed:

  • Blocking a road or interfering with traffic or trade
  • Causing disturbance where you are shooting
  • When the vehicle is larger than 12 meters
  • Restricting public access to public place
  • Placing cables and rails on the ground
  • Where you need exemptions from traffic regulations


Planning ahead

  • For smaller shoots you need to submit your permit application at least five days befor the shoot.
  • For closing of a street, it is recommended to apply for a permit three to four weeks in advance.
  • For exemptions from the traffic and parking regulations we recoomend the permit application to be filed two weeks in advance


Stockholm Film Commission...

...provides conctacts for all official shooting permits and will be hapy to help you with film relating questions. Contact:

Mia Uddgren

Stockholm Film Commissioner


+46 708 484 621